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(The menu options and pages we have used above are typical. You can choose your own)

Welcome to your £399 ready made website

This is an identical layout to the one you'll get with this deal.

Ready Made SitesOk, you have registered your interest in a ready made website by visiting this page. We developed this so that we could show potential clients a website that is similar in layout to what we will produce for them. Your website will be developed to a similar standard to what you see here.

We'll now try to explain in detail what you get when you purchase our £399 ready made website. We believe in transparency and we want you to know exactly what you are paying for but first of all let us assure you that there is no part of the process that need concern you. We will offer as much guidance as you need all the way through.

This page would contain your home page content. This would normally be an introduction to your business, where you can tell people what you do. It should normally have a plug for your business or a USP (Unique Selling Point) to tempt your website visitors into either looking more closely at your products and services or spending more time on your website. More information about this offer follows.


We include one to one consultancy with this deal. You can consult with us by telephone and we will help and advise you an all aspects of getting your website online. We'll tell you what's right for your business.

Domain Name and Hosting

You will need a domain name for your site ( The choice of domain name is important as it can affect the amount of traffic you will receive. We can advise you on this and ensure that you get registered ownership of your domain name for the years to come. We'll guide you through the whole registration process. This will only take five minutes of your time.

Background Colours

Black Background websiteBlack Background with white contentThe background colour on this website is plain white with black text, which is the most common format.

It can be changed to another colour if that would suit your type of business.

For example if you have images or graphics that you want to stand out you may want to have a black or dark coloured background with white text as shown in the image to the right.

Alternatively you may want it to look like the website shown in the image to the left, which is a similar layout to this. It has a black background and a white content section. You may also have a logo that would look better on a dark background. This is your choice but we can help and advise you on this.


The Masthead is the area at the top of this screen on this page with the logo and the image of the business people. The masthead is generally common to all pages on a website. Your masthead would be developed according to your preferences and it would include your logo (if you have one) and any slogans that you want to display.

Content Area

The content area is right here, where you are reading this text. As stated above the background colour here is your choice. You may also request that the content be displayed in two columns as seen here. We can also mix and match content from single (full page width) to double column again as we have done here. You can specify this if required but you can also leave the layout to us.

Web Pages Included

We are flexible about this. This demo site has five pages, Homepage, About us, Products/Services, FAQs and Contact Details. These are typical but you may want different pages. This is no problem and you can have these five or alternative pages that you define yourself. You can even add one or two more within this price provided that they are simple pages that require no major layout or design work.

Text Size and Colour

We think that the size of this text is about right but we can make it larger or smaller according to your preference.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

This is the process of creating your site such that is has a good chance of being found in the search engines by prospective clients. We build your website using current SEO features, which make it search engine friendly.

Note: the order in which websites are ranked in the organic search results (i.e. not Adwords or pay per click) is determined by the search engine that you use (Google/Bing, etc.) While we can optimise your site initially for this by making it search engine friendly, it is impossible to make any guarantees on ranking position. If you are a local business focussing on a local area your chances are much higher.

Stuff that is not included in this deal


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